I got it!! All 4.5 of them And now I love all the people at ShapeShit and Github. They know their stuff and don't seem to get an attitude when all  of us so-called noobs start having problems. Think I'm the only one? Take a look at the open issues here:
The problem is most of us are used to just clicking an "Install Now" button  and not having to even think about it or do any work.  If you go to an exchange that's pretty much how it is. But if you want to be where the action is and truly be part of the Ethereum Project you have to go to the Ethereum official site -   Ethereum.org.

I had to download the Mist app, create an account, fund it, and then wait for it to sync up - a process that was painful at times but definitely educational. In my case my old iMac didn't have enough
power to do the syncing. All it took was a couple of hours on my 64 bit Windows i7 7th gen. machine and that Ethereum popped right in there, 30% higher than when I actually paid for it. I feel rich and happy.

Current prices
Bitcoin $1086.80  Ethereum $50.80
BTC/ETH Ratio 21.39