I've been trying to buy Ethereum for 4 days, (meanwhile it doubled in price).
First I tried Coinbase, who advised me they are not quite ready yet to offer Ethereum in New Yorks state. NY is apparently the only state that has a law against me buying Ethereum, for my own protection no doubt.

Next stop was ShapeShift, a company whose CEO I have heard speak and I really admire him. As soon as I hit their website a message popped up saying it looks like you are in New York or North Korea, sorry no Ethereum for you.

After some serious research I ended up at Ethereum.org. This has got to be the place. It looked a little too technical and was just a bit  forbidding, but hey, I've been researching blockchain for over a week already.  There was a
nice download that seemed perfect for my Mac. No problem, I got a base account established.

Messages informed me I would be able to hold, send and receive ETH but I would not see incoming transactions. As soon as my base account has at least 1 ETH I could then create a wallet and create contracts. I was very anxious to do this, although I don't have a clue yet about creating a contract. So the first step is to fund my account. I tried the button that said buy with credit card, but it would not let me - not sure what the reason was there.

Then I saw it, a neat button in the middle of the screen that said buy with bitcoin. This was for me! I immediately clicked. A transaction screen appeared that advised me to send bitcoin to an address I had not seen before, then the bitcoin would be exchanged for ETH and deposited to my account. Sounded great, I immediately send .15 BTC to the address, (a little over $150, I didn't want to look like a cheapskate). Then I waited.

When you login to Ethereum.org's application, a message come up that says your account is syncing then the message disappears, I figgured I was synced when the message went away - little did I know.  I did notice the grayed out header that kept changing the number of peers and the blocks left which always seemed to be in the two millions. Interesting, I wonder what that was about.

I waited two days. Nothing. I noticed on one of the screens that my transaction had been facilitated for Ethereum.org by ShapeShift. I contacted their help desk and opened a ticket. Over the next day a very nice person named Megan patiently checked the transaction and found it had gone through, (I knew this because the bitcoin had flown out of XAPO almost immediately. Anyway, Megan guided me through the learning process that those two million blocks had to be downloaded before my account would be synced. Then my ETH would magically appear.

I tried for the next two days to sync my account and never got above 10% - the blocks were adding faster than I could clear them. Ethereum.org doesn't seem to have a help desk, just a community chat, where everybody posts and hopes for an answer.  I was pretty bummed when I realized that about every fourth or fifth post was about the time it takes to sync, or transactions that never went through. That's what I get for thinking I can play with the big boys.

But I'm not giving up.
I decided my Mac was just too slow, (it's a mid-2007 iMac, I know, I know it should have been replaced 6 years ago).
I'm now on my fourth attempt to establish a new base account on a Windows 64 bit Intel i7 7th generation laptop. It's not working so far. I did read that it's possible to transfer accounts to a different machine if you have the keyfiles.

I've also begged Megan to help again, I'm not sure if it's the $150 that's frustrating me or the fact that I just may not be smart enough to get involved in this blockchain business.



I've only heard of the word bitcoin last 2014 and this is my first time to be introduced to the word ethereum. I did a little research and I've learned that ethereum is a blocked-based computing platform. Its token is called ''ether''. Now, I want to know the difference between ether and bitcoin. Is it just the same as points and rewards in credit cards?

05/16/2017 3:25am

I wonder if Ethereum is the same as Bitcoin. But when I searched it in the internet, they are different but almost the same. It says that it is kind of a platform that is intended to allow people to easily write decentralized applications. And this makes me more confused. But, I am still glad that you got what you want. I hope it satisfied you and your new project.


I just bought business plan pro, but I still don't quite understand how to estimate/compute the start-up costs for starting a business, in my case an online business at that. Is there a website that can assist me? Any suggestions? Thanks.


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