Most are startups in some stage of funding. A few are well funded already. Who's funding them is probably not the small time investors like you and me. It's the large companies that already have a vested interest in future developments, or a financial company with a lot of speculation cash sitting around.

There are some new ideas on the horizon. On April 10, 2017 Blockchain Capital will begin crowdfunding for BCAP, billed as the First Digital Liquid Fund. Investment will occur by buying tokens. The fund will use proceeds to give owners exposure to top blockchain companies like Coinbase, Xapo, Kraken, Ripple, and others. I'm not too familiar with the details yet other than noticing that there is a 2.5% management fee, and a 25% performance fee.

Some of the investment in Blockchain Capital's fund will come from Angel List, which is another way for the average guy to invest in blockchain startups, although I'm not sure how many average guys can come up with the $100k minimum investment. With Angel List you can join a syndicate or start one. There is no management fee with Angel List but there is a one time 20% fee, with 15% going to the lead investor of the syndicate and 5% going to the Angel herself.

The shares and tokens in these two investment vehicles could do well, but think for now I have to stick with buying and selling coins, especially since I read that the horizon for startups to actually become profitable is in the 5 or so years range.