Equities markets are down about .25%. So is gold. Silver is down .5% and Platinum is down .6%.  Kind of unusual that they all go down together like this. Kitco says it's due to technical selling. Whatever

Oil is also down. Only thing that seems to be going up is Base metals with copper being the leader
Recent gains in zinc, nickel, lead, aluminum and tin. Copper also starting to move higher.

Metal       ETN or ETF
Zinc         ZINC (London Market)
Lead         LD, LEDD
Tin            JJT
Copper      JJC, CUPM, CPER
Nickel        JJN, NINI
Aluminum  JJN, FOIL

ETFs or ETNs with all base metals
JJM, UBM, HEVY, BDD (2X leverage), DBB, BDG

Looks like these would all be good investments. They mostly all rely on futures contracts and carry a <1% fee

Spot Prices:
    Gold $1279
    Silver  $18.10

Gold and Silver both going down with the assumption of a Clinton win. There should be a bottom within a few days to a week . That will be the time to buy. Higher prices are expected in the long term future for sure, and mayme the medium term as well