<![CDATA[Stewsgame - Investment Ideas]]>Sat, 24 Feb 2018 23:46:21 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Want to Invest in a Blockchain Company?]]>Wed, 05 Apr 2017 02:01:40 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2017/04/want-to-invest-in-a-blockchain-company.htmlMost are startups in some stage of funding. A few are well funded already. Who's funding them is probably not the small time investors like you and me. It's the large companies that already have a vested interest in future developments, or a financial company with a lot of speculation cash sitting around.

There are some new ideas on the horizon. On April 10, 2017 Blockchain Capital will begin crowdfunding for BCAP, billed as the First Digital Liquid Fund. Investment will occur by buying tokens. The fund will use proceeds to give owners exposure to top blockchain companies like Coinbase, Xapo, Kraken, Ripple, and others. I'm not too familiar with the details yet other than noticing that there is a 2.5% management fee, and a 25% performance fee.

Some of the investment in Blockchain Capital's fund will come from Angel List, which is another way for the average guy to invest in blockchain startups, although I'm not sure how many average guys can come up with the $100k minimum investment. With Angel List you can join a syndicate or start one. There is no management fee with Angel List but there is a one time 20% fee, with 15% going to the lead investor of the syndicate and 5% going to the Angel herself.

The shares and tokens in these two investment vehicles could do well, but think for now I have to stick with buying and selling coins, especially since I read that the horizon for startups to actually become profitable is in the 5 or so years range.
<![CDATA[Prices and Ratios]]>Sun, 02 Apr 2017 22:54:52 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2017/04/april-02nd-20171.html]]><![CDATA[Winkelvoss Twins Foiled Again]]>Sat, 11 Mar 2017 01:09:21 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2017/03/winkelvoss-twins-foiled-again.htmlThose poor boys. Although they got $65M from Zuckerberg in the Facebook mess, and they did come in 6th in the rowing competition in Beijing, I'm not sure there's any silver lining in this new blow. 

The SEC, today after market close,  rejected their ETF saying that bitcoin is too unregulated and would currently be unable to enter into, the type of surveillance-sharing agreement that has been in place with respect to all previously approved commodity-trust ETPs—agreements that help address concerns about the potential for fraudulent or manipulative acts and practices in this market.

The price of bitcoin is now at $1126 but it was retracing even before this announcement, and it is expected to rise again.  After reading the comments on some of the bitcoin sites, the ETF was seen as an American thing, and most of the bitcoin activity is outside the US anyway, and they don't care about ETF's in most of the world.

So far there are two more bitcoin ETF decisions to go. The SEC decision on SolidX is due on March 30, and the Grayscale decision in October. (There's a stock market saying that if you have an X in your name your stock will tank.)

<![CDATA[Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurriencies   (and ETFs)]]>Thu, 02 Mar 2017 18:21:24 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2017/03/bitcoin-and-other-cryptocurriencies-and-etfs.htmlThere are at least three bitcoin ETFs that are somewhere in the process of seeking SEC approval. I'm not aware of any ETFs (existing or proposed), for other cryptocurriencies

The Winklevoss twins, (remember the Facebook movie), have filed new papers this week  with the SEC as part of their efforts to get their bitcoin ETF COIN approved. Not everyone in the bitcoin community is happy. There is talk that "hard fork" issues will cause compatibility issues and may force bitcoin to split into two separate coins.

There’s another proposed bitcoin ETF from a company called SolidX that is also structured as a grantor trust.
The biggest difference between this bitcoin ETF proposal and the Winklevoss one is that SolidX included a type of insurance in case there's a hacking or some security breakdown on the price exchanges they’ll be using.

The third bitcoin ETF proposal is from Grayscale, who already has a bitcoin exchange-traded product, though not an ETF. Grayscale created a limited partnership (LP) that owns bitcoins. They trade on the over-the-counter (OTC) market under the symbol GBTC You can trade the Grayscale Bitcoin product today. They charge a 2% expense ratio for facilitating investable access to bitcoin. It trades like a closed fund and does not have the ability to create or redeem shares in the open market, which can significantly crimp liquidity.

An entity called the "EtherIndex Ether Trust" filed an S-1 July 15, 2016 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If any of the Bitcoin ETFs get approved an ETH ETF may follow, although this one doesn't have a lot of good press.

Top 15 Cryptocurrencies
For the whole list of 659 cryptocurriencies go to:

#        Name               Symbol           Market Cap                RecentPrice
1        Bitcoin              BTC             $19,812,815,481           $1223.61
2        Ethereum          ETH              $1,552,202,844           $17.37
3        Dash                DASH               $317,566,482           $44.52
4        Ripple               XRP                 $210,761,939           $0.005674
5        Litecoin            LTC                 $190,212,792           $3.80
6        Monero             XMR                $173,636,866           $12.37
7        Ethereum Classic ETC               $120,475,011           $1.35
8        MaidSafeCoin      MAID               $73,828,043           $0.163137
9        NEM                  XEM               $70,766,730            $0.007863
10       Augur               REP               $55,681,230             $5.06
11       Zcash               ZEC               $32,536,551            $42.08
12       Iconomi             ICN               $28,991,619            $0.333237
13       Factom             FCT               $27,718,819            $3.17
14       Tether              USDT              $24,950,994           $1.00
15       Steem              STEEM            $23,495,479           $0.099182

Further down the list but with a lot of potential according to some experts are Lisk (LSK), NAVCoin (NAV), and SysCoin (SYS).

Some people claim to make money, (the $USD kind), by trading these 659 curriencies. Some are very volitile jumping around with various news articles.
<![CDATA[On Bitcoin]]>Thu, 23 Feb 2017 19:21:27 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2017/02/on-bitcoin.htmlAaron Voisine, Co-Founder and CEO of Breadwallet

“I predict that 2017 will see bitcoin become recognized as a legitimate ‘uncorrelated asset’ for a large number of money managers and financial advisors. Holding a diversified portfolio of assets is of course what any prudent financial advisor will recommend. This however doesn’t do you much good if those assets’ value all move in the same direction at the same time. In order to achieve diversification, you need to hold some assets that increase in value when the others go down. Bitcoin is a perfect example of an asset that has shown to increase in value in times of fear and economic turmoil, and one that I think many money managers will begin to see as a prudent addition to their portfolios.
<![CDATA[Commodities and US Dollar]]>Wed, 07 Dec 2016 21:23:45 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2016/12/commodities-and-us-dollar.htmlBloomberg says that right now for the first time commodity prices are rising
along with the US dollar. They are calling it the Trump effect.

They predict a weakness in the US dollar for 2017 and rising commodities.
  • Most commodity inventories are low
  • inflation is in the picture.
  • There is a weather risk, (Agriculture is 35% of the commodity market)
  • precious metals will go up

They go on to say that
a weakness exists for all currencies. The Yuan is down fixing at 6.8808. Although the US dollar is up it is also seen as weak.

Any tax cuts will lead to higher fiscal deficits. 

For right now they are long on nickel and short on copper
<![CDATA[Italian Referendum's effect]]>Fri, 02 Dec 2016 22:57:43 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2016/12/italian-referendums-effect.htmlItaly's constitutional referendum will be held on December 4.  Mateo Renzi, Italy's PM says he will  resign if the referendum does not pass. Latest polls show a slight lead for the "No" vote, but 22% haven't made up their mind yet.

A "No" vote  could eventually lead to Italy's exit from the euro currency but probably not from the EU.

"No" Vote:
Euro Down
Gold Up
Stocks probably down

"Yes" Vote:
Status Quo]]>
<![CDATA[Base Metals are the only thing going up today]]>Fri, 11 Nov 2016 16:14:13 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2016/11/base-metals-are-the-only-thing-going-up-today.htmlEquities markets are down about .25%. So is gold. Silver is down .5% and Platinum is down .6%.  Kind of unusual that they all go down together like this. Kitco says it's due to technical selling. Whatever

Oil is also down. Only thing that seems to be going up is Base metals with copper being the leader]]>
<![CDATA[Base Metals]]>Tue, 08 Nov 2016 20:28:28 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2016/11/base-metals.htmlRecent gains in zinc, nickel, lead, aluminum and tin. Copper also starting to move higher.

Metal       ETN or ETF
Zinc         ZINC (London Market)
Lead         LD, LEDD
Tin            JJT
Copper      JJC, CUPM, CPER
Nickel        JJN, NINI
Aluminum  JJN, FOIL

ETFs or ETNs with all base metals
JJM, UBM, HEVY, BDD (2X leverage), DBB, BDG

Looks like these would all be good investments. They mostly all rely on futures contracts and carry a <1% fee

<![CDATA[Silver and Gold]]>Sun, 06 Nov 2016 18:58:54 GMThttp://stewsgame.com/2/post/2016/11/silver-and-gold.htmlSpot Prices:
    Gold $1279
    Silver  $18.10

Gold and Silver both going down with the assumption of a Clinton win. There should be a bottom within a few days to a week . That will be the time to buy. Higher prices are expected in the long term future for sure, and mayme the medium term as well