According to CNBC Avacado prices may double or triple between now and Super bowl, (big guacamole day). There is apparently a shortage accompanied by high demand.

Avacados grow on trees primarily in warm climates, Dept. of Agriculture Zones 8-11
. A labor strike in Mexico may be part of the problem affecting supply.

The largest producer seems to be Calavo Growers, Inc. (Nasdaq CVGW  62.05 +1.05). Several Funds hold a significant number of CVGW shares, such as the Neuberger & Berman Genesis Fund and at least one of the Lord Abbett Developing Growth Funds. Price increase may not have hit these yet.

Update 10/25 CVGW is back to where it was before this news 61.35 on lighter than normal trading. Wonder where it will go from here?


01/26/2017 11:02pm

i love avocados and they are the fruits that are really delicious and unique as well. A post to read and tell to other people as well. I am really happy that I have seen this post. Thank you for this reading. I really enjoyed it

05/22/2017 2:28am

Avocados are considered as one of the most nutritious fruits to ever exist in this world. They belong to a particular classification of the healthiest foods and they call it as superfoods. To be honest, I don't really like Avocados. They don't have any taste at all and yet, everyone considers it as the healthiest fruit? In fact, Avocados are actually on the same level as Apples. Because apparently, an Avocado a day, also keeps the doctor away. Now if that's the case, maybe I should finally consider eating Avocados now. I don't know, but I really do hope that I could learn to love this superfood.

02/16/2017 1:54am

Avocados are the delicious fruit. It comes only one time after the whole year and when it comes people like to purchase and eat it. And it is the bad news for the lovers of the avocados because due to the shortage of this fruit price may be going to the double and government should take the proper action on it.


I'd like to read an update on this case. Was your prediction right?

04/10/2017 1:22pm

From www.the packer.com fruits and vegetable news:
Rising demand for hass avocados, weather-related sizing issues in California and a dip in Mexican production kept shipping prices around $30 per two-layer carton in mid-March.

That’s up about $10 on size 48s and 60s from what Mexican fruit commanded through much of February.


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