If you've never checked out Mike Maloney at goldsilver.com you really should. His "Hidden Secrets of Money" is an incredible education.

Anyway, he came out with a special report today saying that the Commitment of Traders Report show that about 22% of the short positions on gold and silver have been covered. (Those positions were much higher). He thinks the speculators are starting to get out. However, many of the technical indicators indicate that the prices for both gold and silver may go somewhat lower before they shoot up.

Looking at worldwide gold Mike says although India and Turkey may still be buying gold for weddings and gifts, Russia, China and most of the Silk Road countries are also buying gold but in their case the reasons are all monetary.

China has been unloading US Treasuries and buying gold in increasing amounts. Russia has also been accumulating gold faster than ever. Mike thinks they are preparing for something. Perhaps we should be also.


12/16/2016 1:25am

According to the market, the prices of these two precious metals vary in different ranges and they might increase and decrease. However, we should know that these metals will always valuable for us.

03/21/2017 7:56am

This is a very interesting article and lesson. I don’t much about the circulation of gold and silver in the respective countries that have been mentioned in this article, but this country is very rich in gold and silver in my perspective. Having some gold and silver is very lucky to have a little piece of this too is a very expensive to sell in pawnshops. These two materials are very valuable and must be appreciated by all of us. It might be a good idea to recycle some of gold or silver to make some jewelry to become more valuable in many people.

12/24/2016 7:24am

Recycling of gold is an another process which helps to innovate new shape of gold. Jewellery is an example that how infinite number of shapes gold can be mold.

01/17/2017 3:30am

Gold and silver are the most expensive metals. The prices of gold and silver are not permanent or fixed. It might increase or decrease anytime. The most popular form of these is through jewelries. People really value these two metals a lot.

04/18/2017 3:48am

Without know and help of gold and silver information or a market rate we can't sell or bur a item.This blog provide helpful market update for us related to gold/silver..

05/21/2017 1:48pm

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05/21/2017 8:46pm

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