From Seeking Alpha, Jamie Ellis
Gold market is frustrating and unpredictable. One thing that works is the relationship between gold prices and gold miners.  GLD and GDX. He uses the RSI. His current advice: Buy GDX on any weakness with a Stop at 4% below the 200 day movin average. Current GDX prce 24.62.



12/28/2016 9:59am

I agree with the fact that if you make a wise decision to invest your money in gold and what is the right time to make investing in gold, then only they can get better result and 100 percent positive return for their investment.

01/30/2017 12:14pm

The most important things is the take info about current situation about market and keep touch with it. I prefer your blog post for this purpose that you post daily update which is really precious for us. Thank you.

04/09/2017 5:35pm

In my opinion gold market is stable right now. and this is a good opportunity for investors.

04/11/2017 11:04pm

There are a lot of things to invest to, but knowing which time is right to invest is important. Gold is one of the things that people should invest in since it brings high return for them. There are times when the gold market does not increase so it can be frustrating, so informing us about what is the best time to invest in gold is helpful especially to those who have plans on investing. The main goal in investing is to get high return of investment however, if a person is known when it comes to investing I am planning on investing, but still do not know what I should invest to so right now I am just getting information about the whole investment process. Keep on posting about investment information and about what to invest in, thanks.

05/21/2017 1:48pm

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