An article in today's Wall St. Journal says that Irish Whiskey is the world's fastest growing major spirit. So how would one invest? Apparently there are a few ways;
  invest in limited edition bottles
  invest in new distillery projects
  invest in casks
  buy bonds
  buy stocks

For me the first three are off my list right away, I'm not smart enough to go there. Looking up all the popular brands including Bushmills, Cooly, Irish Distillers, Teeling, Tullamore Dew, and Walsh indicates that they are all privately owned -except Irish Distillers, who's top brand is Jameson. Aha!

Irish Distillers is owned by Pernod Ricard S.A which trades on the Paris exchange as well as on the Pink Sheets in the US (PDRY.PK), current price about $24. Bonds for this company also trade under the symbol RIFP.

However, there is a brand new whiskey and spirits ETF out, (WSKY) which is also trading at about $24. WSKY's top holding, 25%,  is Diageo, (DEO). Their 2nd place holding is Irish Distillers. The consensus on Seeking Alpha is that you are better off buying those two individual stocks rather than paying .75% in expense fees. Volume is still thin on the new WSKY ranging from 3k-10k per day while PDRY averages about 12k per day.

As for Diageo, it seems to be a  good stock, but within their huge list of brands listed on their main website, although there are plenty of Scotch Whiskeys, I didn't find even one Irish whiskey, how can that be?

So for me, my only choice is to buy Pernod Ricard S.A., either the Paris shares trading at about $120 or the PDRY version trading at about $24. They are both around the high for the year and pay a 1.75% dividend with ex-dividend date coming up in mid-November.


10/21/2016 5:23pm

This is nice overview of mkt. Thanks for sharing!

04/18/2017 8:54am

I want to know a bunch more about investing. I tried one time and invest in stocks. I really experience a hard time checking it daily, since some of the company's market share is getting low and high. It is too difficult for me since it is my first time to handle this kind of investment. This one really helps me a lot to calculate everything out.

01/01/2017 8:20am

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09/23/2017 8:22am

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02/21/2017 2:00am

Ireland is the wonderful place and people would like to live there. In this article, you try to give about the information that how you can invest the company of the whiskey which is growing so fast because of the taste and affordable price.


I don't even have an idea to invest into alcohol. Interesting approach!


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