Recent gains in zinc, nickel, lead, aluminum and tin. Copper also starting to move higher.

Metal       ETN or ETF
Zinc         ZINC (London Market)
Lead         LD, LEDD
Tin            JJT
Copper      JJC, CUPM, CPER
Nickel        JJN, NINI
Aluminum  JJN, FOIL

ETFs or ETNs with all base metals
JJM, UBM, HEVY, BDD (2X leverage), DBB, BDG

Looks like these would all be good investments. They mostly all rely on futures contracts and carry a <1% fee



12/05/2016 7:51am

They all are actually good investments for you, the reason behind that is the thing or you can say metal is expensive in the market and we can't buy it on the amount that you are buying.

12/06/2016 11:08am

The house was built perfectly. It also looks sturdy because of the foundations were made of good kind of metals. The color of the house balances with the color of surroundings that has greens and blues. The roof looks sturdy as well. I think that the color of the house helps convinced people that it is built well and sturdy because gray is the color of metal. And high class metals are good foundations of the house. I want to have a house like this someday.


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