Italy's constitutional referendum will be held on December 4.  Mateo Renzi, Italy's PM says he will  resign if the referendum does not pass. Latest polls show a slight lead for the "No" vote, but 22% haven't made up their mind yet.

A "No" vote  could eventually lead to Italy's exit from the euro currency but probably not from the EU.

"No" Vote:
Euro Down
Gold Up
Stocks probably down

"Yes" Vote:
Status Quo


01/21/2017 3:49am

I think Italy's PM doing the perfect job for the nation and i must say every country facing from this kind of issues Thanks for sharing this article with us.

07/19/2017 12:45am

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07/08/2017 3:30am

Issues like this is not new to every country around the world. A company will lose profits if the head does not allow it to happen. The crisis will come. Many employees will be lay-off or worst the company will be close. I think we should be hands-on in whatever job it would be so that we cannot end up in making a much harder decision.


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