If you didn't sell , don't. Watch for a bottom and be ready to buy. Looks like Platinum starting to move up.

Ask Prices London fix Troy oz. 11/13/2016  
Gold 1228.6
Silver 17.47
Platinum 676

Gold/Silver Ratio* 70.3262736119
Gold Platinum Ratio** 1.8174556213

* Historical 1 year = 75         5 year =63
** Historical 1 year = 1.9      5 year =1.97


01/10/2017 4:56am

Oh, okay, I will wait. I want to be prepared for that. I am glad I found this post.


I've been waiting for this time to come. I am glad that it is already beginning to move up. You include the gold/silver ratio and gold/platinum ratio and I am glad that you do this. I know that it is not that important, but on us it is, that is why I am glad that you include this here. Can't wait to buy it. I am so excited for that.


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