Although they picked up a little today, all the experts say there might be one more down movement before they all take off.


02/15/2017 9:49am

I expected this type of movement, way back then. I know that it always happens in this industry. It's not uncommon anymore to experience this type of movement. I know that it will settle down in the near future. I'm eager to find out more of your forecasts.

09/30/2017 3:14am

Movement of prices of such metals are not that common these days. It would surely be a surprise if this would really happen. The mining industry will be surely affected by this. I hope the movement wouldn't be that bad. This is not really good news for those who mine precious metals, especially their families who only depend on their income. Anyways, thank you for the heads up guys. It is an advantage to be prepared when something bad happens.


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