Sure  the Fed raised rates today, but you can still expect silver, gold, and platinum to go up, maybe a lot.
Current Spot Prices:
Silver $17.26
Gold $1,226.50
Platinum $953



04/10/2017 3:55am

I am glad you posted this details. I am planning to buy one for my mother's upcoming birthday. And I think this is a perfect gift. But sad to say, my budget is not yet fixed. Please let me know if you will have a sale on this thing. Thank you for posting!

06/11/2017 4:32am

I'm so thankful you were able to post this. We were able to sell my late grandmother's earrings at a good price. It was more than what we expected. We can't believe how much the value appreciated. We are truly grateful for your insight.

04/19/2017 12:41am

Whenever I visit this blog I found a useful information relate to market update and this post is very helpful for investors.Update with more in future also..

10/20/2017 3:49pm

I hope you will continue to post such expectations here regularly. You are a real expert for me.


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